Lookup Word Definition in Feedly, Finally

2018, Aug 22    

I really like RSS. I am currently following 160 different feeds. I use Feedly to manage my feeds. I also use the Feedly iOS App. I have tried many other clients but I always come back to the Feedly iOS App. But the fact that it lacks a feature to look up the definition of a word in the content menu has always frustrated me.

The Instapaper App does this nicely:


And so does the Kindle App:


So when I signed up for Feedly’s Mobile+AI Lab, a project to rebuild the iOS client app with community feedback, I took the opportunity make a feature request in the slack channel for this project. The Feedly team liked my idea enough to add it to their Trello Board for the project.

So all I had to do is wait.

But then I realized that I already had this feature because the Feedly iOS client provides access to the share sheet from the context menu:


From the share sheet I could run the Define Word Workflow and I finally have my feature!